Asphalt Paving | Glen Waverley, Melbourne

Operating out of Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Reynolds Asphalt Paving specialises in residential and commercial paving services for roads, driveways, sports pitches and car parks!

Drawing on 80 years of experience in asphalt paving, we have the resources and expertise to make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Residential Paving Solutions

There are three essential elements to constructing a long-lasting asphalt driveway, including adequate foundation, proper drainage and pavement thickness design! At Reynolds Asphalt Paving, we specialise in constructing driveways that are safe, comfortable and durable.

Whether you need to install a new driveway or replace an old one, we have a variety of asphalt mixtures, all of which have qualities tailored for specific applications and weather conditions! We also specialise in asphalt repair, including crack sealing and pothole patching. 

If your home is your castle, it deserves the best driveway

Asphalt Paving Glen Waverley

Commercial Paving Specialists

Asphalt Paving Glen Waverley

When it comes to commercial car parks, a well-maintained and evenly paved lot tells your customers that you value their customer experience and appreciate their patronage! If your parking lot is looking tired or worn-out, contact us to restore it to its former glory!

At Reynolds Asphalt Paving, we believe that a well-designed and properly constructed parking lot should last for 20 years or more! Drawing on 80 years of experience in asphalt paving, we have a wealth of expertise in choosing the right thickness, materials and construction details for optimum pavement performance.

Don’t let how your commercial parking lot looks impact your bottom line


Our products and services are suitable for:

  • Car parks
  • Roads
  • Sports pitches
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Cycleways

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